9. OpenLDAP Users Tools

To Search on LDAP directory server for entries, the ldapsearch utility searches through the backend database of LDAP directory for information you have requested. You can use the following command:

                 [root@deep] /# ldapsearch -b dn attrs
                 [root@deep] /# ldapsearch -b o=openna, c=com cn=europe*

                 cn=Europe Mourani, o=openna, c=com
                 cn=Europe Mourani
                 description=Marketing relation

This command will retrieve all entries and values for the name europe and will print the result to standard output in your terminal.

Some possible uses of OpenLDAP software, for instance OpenLDAP can be used as:

  1. Web Catalogue Server.

  2. White Pages Server.

  3. Certificate Server.

  4. An Access Control Server.

  5. Network Name Server.

9.1. The Netscape Address Book client for LDAP

If you have Netscape installed on a Linux workstation, or even another kind of operating system, you can use its Address Book features to access the LDAP Directory Server you have just installed on Linux and query your directory server for information like you do with the ldapsearch command tool on Linux.

If you are interested in doing that, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Open Netscape Communicator

  2. Go to Communicator menu

  3. Open the Address Book

  4. Go to File menu

  5. Click on New Directory

  6. Fill the boxes with your server information

Example 26.4. Address Book

Description: Open Network Architecture
LDAP Server:
Server Root: o=openna, c=com

Now all you have to do is to make some queries to your LDAP Directory Server on Linux, by using the box named Show names Containing: to start your search, and clicking on the button Search For: to get the results.

Address Book

The Netscape Address Book Client Program.