11. Netscape Proxies Configuration

If you decide to use Squid as proxy-caching server, and allow all users in your corporate network to use Squid to access the Internet only in this mode, you must instruct your users browsers to fetch objects from your Squid proxy server instead of retrieving them directly from the Internet.

With Netscape Communicator, follow these simple steps below:

  1. Open Netscape Communicator

  2. Go to Edit menu

  3. Click on Preferences

  4. Double click Advanced category on the left side

  5. Click on Proxies subcategory option

  6. Select on the right side Manual proxy configuration radio button

  7. Click on the View button

  8. Fill the boxes with your proxy server information

For example:

HTTP: Port: 8080
Security: Port: 8080
FTP: Port: 8080
Gopher: Port: 8080
WAIS: Port: 8080

Proxy Netscape Configuration