2. Compile

Move into the new mm directory and type the following commands on your terminal:

        ./configure \
        --disable-shared  \

This tells MM to set itself up for this particular hardware setup with:

Now, we must compile and install MM Shared Memory Library in the server:

        [root@deep ]/mm-1.1.2# make 
        [root@deep ]/mm-1.1.2# make test 
        [root@deep ]/mm-1.1.2# make install 

The make test command will make some important tests on the program to verify that it works, and respond properly before the installation.

Please do Cleanup later:

        [root@deep /]# cd /var/tmp
        [root@deep ]/tmp# rm -rf mm-version/ mm-version.tar.gz

The rm command will remove all the source files we have used to compile and install mm. It will also remove the mm compressed archive from the /var/tmp directory.

Further documentation, for more details there are several man pages you can read:


Shared Memory Library


MM library configuration/build utility

2.1. Installed files

These are the files installed by the program MM on your system.