7. Post-Partitioning

Now that you are partitioning and choosing the mount point of your directories, select Next to continue. After your partitions are created, the installation program will ask you to choose partitions to format. Choose the partitions you want to initialize, check the (Check for bad blocks during format) box, and press Next. This formats the partitions and makes them active so Linux can use them.

On the next screen you will see the LILO Configuration where you have the choice to install LILO boot record on:

Master Boot Record (MBR)


First Sector of Boot Partition

Usually if Linux is the only OS on your machine you should choose the Master Boot Record (MBR) option. After that, you need to configure your Network and Clock. After you finish configuring the clock, you need to give your system a root password and authentication configuration. For Authentication Configuration don't forget to select:

Enable MD5 passwords
Enable Shadow passwords

Enable NIS doesn't need to be selected since we are not configuring NIS services on this server.