9. Select Individual Package - Part 'A'

The installation program presents a list of the package groups available. Select a group to examine. The components listed below must be deselected from the Menu Group for security; optimization and other reasons described below:

All versions Applications/File: 


The GIT package provides an extensible file system browser, an ASCII/hexadecimal file viewer, a process viewer/killer and other related utilities and shell scripts. Unnecessary.

All versions Applications/Internet: 


The finger package is a client utility, which allows users to see information about system users. Security risks.


The ftp package provides the standard UNIX command-line FTP client. Security risks.


The fwhois client program allows for querying whois databases. Security risks.


The Ncftp package is an improved FTP client. [Security risks, Unnecessary.


The rsh package provides client programs, which allows users to run commands on remote machines, login to other machines and copy files between machines (rsh, rlogin and rcp). Security risks.


rsync is very powerfull mirroring program, which brings very quickly remote and host files into sync. Unnecessary


The ntalk package provides client and daemon programs for the Internet talk protocol, which allows you to chat with other users on different UNIX systems. Security risks.


Telnet is a popular protocol for logging into remote systems over the network but it is insecure (transfer password in plain text). Security risks.

All versions Applications/Publishing: 


The GhostScript package is a set of software that provides a PostScript interpreter, and an interpreter for Portable Document Format PDF files. Unnecessary


The GhostScript interpreter can use the Ghostscript-fonts package during text rendering. Unnecessary.

Version 6.2 only groff-perl

The groff-perl package is a set of commands and print filter used in printer environment. Unnecessary, no printer installed on the server.

Version 6.2 only mpage

The mpage package utility takes plain text files or PostScript documents as input, reduces the size of the text, and prints the files on a PostScript printer with several pages on each sheet of paper. Unnecessary, no printer installed on the server

Version 6.2 only pnm2ppa

The pnm2ppa package is a color driver for printing to HP PPA printers. Unnecessary, no printer installed on the server.


The rhs-printfilters package contains a set of print filters, which is primarily meant to be use with the Red Hat printtool. Unnecessary, no printer installed on the server

Version all Applications/System: 


The arpwatch package contains utilities to monitor Ethernet or FDDI network traffic and build databases of Ethernet/IP address pairs. Unnecessary


The bind-utils package contains a collection of utilities to find out information about Internet hosts. We will compile it later on this book.

Version 6.1 only knfsd-clients

The knfsd-clients package contains the showmount program that queries the mount daemon on a remote host for information about the NFS server on the remote host. Security risks, and NFS services are not installed on this server.

Version 6.1 only procinfo

The procinfo package acquires information about your system from the kernel as it is running. Unnecessary, other methods exist.


The rdate package utility can retrieve the date and time from another machine on your network. Security risks.


The rdist package is a program that maintains identical copies of files on multiple hosts. Security risks.


This screen package is a useful utility for users who telnet into a machine or are connected via a dumb terminal, but want to use more than just one login. Unnecessary


The ucd-snmp-utils package contains various utilities for use with the ucd-snmp network management project. Unnecessary, Security risks

Version All Documentation: 


The indexhtml package contains the HTML page and graphics for a welcome page shown by your Web browser into X Window Systems. Unnecessary,we don't use graphical interface.