7. Kernel configuration -Part "C"

Network device support. 

           Network device support (CONFIG_NETDEVICES) Y/n/?

ARCnet devices. 

               ARCnet support (CONFIG_ARCNET) N/y/?
               Dummy net driver support (CONFIG_DUMMY) Y/n/?
               EQL -serial line load balancing support (CONFIG_EQUALIZER) N/y/?
               General Instruments Surfboard 1000 (CONFIG_NET_SB1000) N/y/? (NEW)

Ethernet (10 or 100Mbit). 

               Ethernet (10 or 100Mbit) (CONFIG_NET_ETHERNET) Y/n/?
               3COM cards (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_3COM) N/y/?
               AMD LANCE and PCnet (AT1500 and NE2100) support (CONFIG_LANCE) N/y/?
               Western Digital/SMC cards (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_SMC) N/y/?
               Racal-Interlan (Micom) NI cards (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_RACAL) N/y/?
               Other ISA cards (CONFIG_NET_ISA) N/y/?
               EISA, VLB, PCI and on board controllers (CONFIG_NET_EISA) Y/n/?
               AMD PCnet32 (VLB and PCI) support (CONFIG_PCNET32) N/y/?
               Apricot Xen-II on board Ethernet (CONFIG_APRICOT) N/y/?
               CS89x0 support (CONFIG_CS89x0) N/y/?
               DM9102 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter support (EXPERIMENTAL) (CONFIG_DM9102) N/y/? (NEW)
               Generic DECchip & DIGITAL EtherWORKS PCI/EISA (CONFIG_DE4X5) N/y/?
               DECchip Tulip (dc21x4x) PCI support (CONFIG_DEC_ELCP) N/y/?
               Old DECchip Tulip (dc21x4x) PCI support (CONFIG_DEC_ELCP_OLD) N/y/? (NEW)
               Digi Intl. RightSwitch SE-X support (CONFIG_DGRS) N/y/?
               EtherExpressPro/100 support (CONFIG_EEXPRESS_PRO100) Y/n/?
               PCI NE2000 support (CONFIG_NE2K_PCI) N/y/?
               TI ThunderLAN support (CONFIG_TLAN) N/y/?
               VIA Rhine support (CONFIG_VIA_RHINE) N/y/?
               SiS 900/7016 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter support (CONFIG_SIS900) N/y/? (NEW)
               Pocket and portable adaptors (CONFIG_NET_POCKET) N/y/?

Ethernet (1000 Mbit). 

               SysKonnect SK-98xx support (CONFIG_SK98LIN) N/y/? (NEW)
               FDDI driver support (CONFIG_FDDI) N/y/?
               PPP (point-to-point) support (CONFIG_PPP) N/y/?
               SLIP (serial line) support (CONFIG_SLIP) N/y/?
               Wireless LAN (non-hamradio) (CONFIG_NET_RADIO) N/y/?

Token ring devices. 

           Token Ring driver support (CONFIG_TR) N/y/?
           Fibre Channel driver support (CONFIG_NET_FC) N/y/? (NEW)

Wan interfaces. 

               MultiGate (COMX) synchronous serial boards support (CONFIG_COMX) N/y/? (NEW)
               Frame relay DLCI support (CONFIG_DLCI) N/y/?
               WAN drivers (CONFIG_WAN_DRIVERS) N/y/?
               SBNI12-xx support (CONFIG_SBNI) N/y/? (NEW)

Amateur Radio support. 

           Amateur Radio support (CONFIG_HAMRADIO) N/y/?

IrDA subsystem support. 

           IrDA subsystem support (CONFIG_IRDA) N/y/?

ISDN subsystem. 

           ISDN support (CONFIG_ISDN) N/y/?

Old CD-ROM drivers (not SCSI, not IDE). 

           Support non-SCSI/IDE/ATAPI CDROM drives (CONFIG_CD_NO_IDESCSI) N/y/?

Character devices. 

               Virtual terminal (CONFIG_VT) Y/n/?
               Support for console on virtual terminal (CONFIG_VT_CONSOLE) Y/n/?
               Standard/generic (dumb) serial support (CONFIG_SERIAL) Y/n/?
               Support for console on serial port (CONFIG_SERIAL_CONSOLE) N/y/?
               Extended dumb serial driver options (CONFIG_SERIAL_EXTENDED) N/y/?
               Non-standard serial port support (CONFIG_SERIAL_NONSTANDARD) N/y/?
               Unix98 PTY support (CONFIG_UNIX98_PTYS) Y/n/?
               Maximum number of Unix98 PTYs in use (0-2048) (CONFIG_UNIX98_PTY_COUNT) [256] 128
               Mouse Support (not serial mice) (CONFIG_MOUSE) Y/n/?