1. Why did i write this book?

When I began writing this book, the first question I asked myself was how to install Linux on a server, and be sure that no one from the outside, or inside, could access it without authorization. Then I wondered if any method similar to the one on Windows® exists to improve the computers performance. Subsequently, I began a search on the Internet and read several books to get the most information on security and performance for my server. After many years of research and studies I had finally found the answer to my questions. These answers were found, all scattered throughout different documents, books, articles, and Internet sites. I created documentation based on my research that could help me through my daily activities.

Through the years, my documentation grew and started to look more like a book and less like simple, scattered notes. I decide to publish it on the Internet so that anyone could take advantage of it. By sharing this information, I felt that I was doing my part for the community who answered so many of my computing needs with one magical, reliable, strong, powerful, fast and free operating system named Linux. I had received a lot of feedback and comments about my documentation, which helped to improve it over time.