Chapter 33. Why's and When's of Backup and Restore

Table of Contents

1. What to backup
2. The tar backup program
3. Automating backups with tar
4. Restore files with tar
5. The dump backup program
6. Making backups with dump
7. Restoring files with dump
8. Backing up and restoring over the network
8.1. Using the scp SSH command

Many methods of performing backups with Linux exist, such as dump, tar, cpio, as well as dd that are each available by default on your Linux system. Also available are text-based utilities, such as Amanda, which is designed to add a friendlier user interface to the backup and restore procedures. Finally, commercial backup utilities are also available, such as BRU.

The procedures for performing a backup and restore will differ depending on your choice of a backup solution. For this reason we will discuss methods for performing backups with the traditional UNIX tools:

  1. tar

  2. dump which is a command-line backup tool.