50351 - Friday Keynote: Nathan Torkington & Lightning Talks ogg ogm

50091 - Patent defence for free software by Andrew Tridgell ogg ogm
50230 - SuperSpeed me: USB 3.0 for Linux by Sarah Sharp ogg ogm
50145 - What's New in the GNU Compiler Collection by Janis Johnson ogg ogm
50296 - Patchwork: pursuing productive project participation by Jeremy Kerr ogg ogm
50299 - Implementing an Adaptive UI by Jon Cruz ogg ogm
50184 - Lessons Learned from a Growing Project by Michael Koziarski ogg ogm
50202 - The new Linux performance counter subsystem by Paul Mackerras ogg ogm
50154 - Virtual network switching across hypervisors by Arnd Bergmann ogg ogm

50062 - FOSS Fun With A Wiimote by Rusty Russell ogg ogm
50210 - Writing Effective Self Help Guides for World Domination by Emma Jane Hogbin ogg ogm
50102 - A Big Phoney Mesh by David Rowe ogg ogm
50286 - Hack Ability: Open Source Assistive Tech by Liz Henry ogg ogm
50153 - Making the GPU do its job by Carl Worth ogg ogm
50131 - Space Hacks by Ariel Waldman ogg ogm
50119 - Thusnelda: Modernizing Theora by Timothy Terriberry ogg ogm
50048 - Xen Multi-Function PCI Pass-Through by Simon Horman ogg ogm

50200 - The Bravest Man in New Zealand by Patrick Brennan ogg ogm
50315 - Sharing Userspace IO Devices for fast access to multimedia hardware by Conrad Parker ogg ogm
50181 - An updated directory structure for Unix by Michael Homer ogg ogm
50208 - Secure and Simple Sandboxing in SELinux by James Morris ogg ogm
50168 - The importance of open video on the Web by Robert O'Callahan ogg ogm

50125 - Writing Secure Privileged Programs by Michael Kerrisk ogg ogm
50003 - Puppet for Configuration Management Tutorial by James Turnbull ogg ogm

closing - Conference Closing Ceremony ogg ogm