50350 - Thursday Keynote: Glyn Moody ogg ogm

50331 - Discarding data for fun and profit by Matthew Wilcox ogg ogm
50278 - Flapjack: rethinking monitoring for the cloud by Lindsay Holmwood ogg ogm
50107 - A Year of Clutter by Emmanuele Bassi ogg ogm
50356 - When Free Software is against the law, only outlaws will have Free Software by Colin Jackson ogg ogm
50249 - Mentoring for Fun and Profit by Leslie Hawthorn ogg ogm
50076 - The Elephant in the Room: Microsoft and Free Software by Jeremy Allison ogg ogm
50151 - The Hydras: Improving the C/C++ Development Experience via GCC Static Analysis Plugins by Taras Glek ogg ogm
50304 - Yubikey authentication in a mid-sized organisation by Robert (Bob) Edwards ogg ogm

50274 - Gearman: Map/Reduce and Queues for everyone! by Eric Day ogg ogm
50355 - Open Source for Newbies: Attracting and Retaining Talented People for Your Project by Cat Allman and Leslie Hawthorn ogg ogm
50322 - Building a Xapian index of Wikipedia in less time than this talk takes by Olly Betts ogg ogm
50089 - so you moved graphics drivers to the kernel.. what next? I can haz ponies? by Dave Airlie ogg ogm
50189 - Tux on the Moon: FOSS hardware and software in space by Jonathan Oxer ogg ogm
50312 - Sahana Disaster Management System - Humanitarian FOSS by Tim McNamara ogg ogm
50132 - Toward GStreamer 1.0 by Jan Schmidt ogg ogm
50112 - Transcendent Memory: A new approach to managing RAM in a virtualized environment by Dan Magenheimer ogg ogm

50016 - PostgreSQL Development Today by Josh Berkus ogg ogm
50199 - Digging for Design Patterns: an archaelogical approach to understanding software systems by Neil Brown ogg ogm
50240 - Simplicity Through Optimization by Paul McKenney ogg ogm
50273 - The Rebirth of Xinerama by Adam Jackson ogg ogm
50180 - HTML5 video: how to process and publish video in an open format by Silvia Pfeiffer ogg ogm
50336 - Building a Database Kernel with Lego Like Parts by Brian Aker ogg ogm
50314 - Using Launchpad for Code Reviews by Tim Penhey ogg ogm
50193 - Using Functional Programming Techniques In Your Favourite Language by Malcolm Tredinnick ogg ogm
50036 - Interrupts considered harmful by Peter Chubb ogg ogm

50196 - Drupal Under the Hood by Angela Byron ogg ogm
50180 - HTML5 video: how to process and publish video in an open format by Silvia Pfeiffer ogg ogm