50349 - Wednesday keynote - Benjamin Mako Hill

50141 - The Kernel Report - Jonathon Corbet ogg ogm
50271 - pandora-build: autotools made better, faster, stronger by Monty Taylor ogg ogm
50198 - Electric Freedom by Philip Court ogg ogm
50392 - Build Your Own Contributors, One Part At A Time by Denise Paolucci and Mark Smith ogg ogm
50332 - Survey of open source databases by Selena Deckelmann ogg ogm
50182 - Flying Rockets with Free Hardware and Free Software by Bdale Garbee and Keith Packard ogg ogm
50357 - What's your StatusNet? by Jon Phillips ogg ogm
50183 - Implementing HTML 5 Video in Firefox by Chris Double ogg ogm

50026 - Changing NZ Desktop Stack to FLOSS by Don Christie ogg ogm
50081 - Open Sourcing the Accountants by Jethro Carr ogg ogm
50149 - oFono: Open Source Telephony by Denis Kenzior ogg ogm
50291 - Making production-ready filesystems: A case study using ext4 by Theodore Tso ogg ogm
50178 - Making yourself popular: a guide to social success in (and for) the Linux community by Matthew Garrett ogg ogm
50297 - subunit: Testing across boundaries for fun and profit by Robert Collins ogg ogm
50163 - Unlocking the ivory tower: Free and open source software in collaborative humanities research by Claudine Chionh ogg ogm
50328 - Using performance counters to optimize task placement on multi-core systems by Bharata B Rao ogg ogm

50100 - Teaching FOSS at universities by Andrew Tridgell and Robert (Bob) Edwards ogg ogm
50282 - Git Wrangling - Advanced Tips and Tricks by Scott Chacon ogg ogm
50162 - Ceph: a scalable distributed storage system for Linux by Sage Weil ogg ogm
50260 - No medium found: when it's time to stop trying to read strerror's mind. by Peter Miller ogg ogm
50256 - The World's Worst Inventions by Paul Fenwick ogg ogm
50358 - Web application security, OPEN style by Mark Piper ogg ogm
PGP/GPG Keysigning by Jonathan Oxer
50029 - A New Paradigm for Restricting Applications and Protecting Yourself from Your Processes by Z. Cliffe Schreuders ogg ogm


50171 - Introduction to game programming by Richard Jones ogg ogm
50324 - Hacking the Drizzle Database Server by Stewart Smith pt 1 & pt 2 ogg ogm