4. Configure and Optimize Logcheck

You need to configure the /usr/bin/logcheck.sh script file, Since we are using an alternate path for the files i.e. not /usr/local/etc, we need to change the path entries for logcheck.hacking, logcheck.violations, logcheck.ignore, logcheck.violations.ignore, and logtail in the main logcheck.sh script. The script file for Logcheck /usr/bin/logcheck.sh allows you to set these options that modify the path entries and operation of the program. It is well commented and very basic.

  1. Edit the logcheck.sh file vi /usr/bin/logcheck.sh and change the following:

    1.          LOGTAIL=/usr/local/bin/logtail

      To read:


    2.          TMPDIR=/usr/local/etc/tmp

      To read:


    3.          HACKING_FILE=/usr/local/etc/logcheck.hacking

      To read:


    4.          VIOLATIONS_FILE=/usr/local/etc/logcheck.violations

      To read:


    5.          VIOLATIONS_IGNORE_FILE=/usr/local/etc/logcheck.violations.ignore

      To read:


    6.          IGNORE_FILE=/usr/local/etc/logcheck.ignore

      To read:


  2. After installing Logcheck, place an entry into root's crontabs to make Logcheck run as a cronjob, you should edit your local crontab file for root and set Logcheck to run once per hour recommended, although you can do it more frequently, or less frequently. To add Logcheck in your cronjob you must edit the crontab and add the following line as root:

             [root@deep] /#crontab -e

             # Hourly check Log files for security violations and unusual activity.
             00 * * * * /usr/bin/logcheck.sh


Remember, Logcheck does not report anything via email if it has nothing useful to say.

These are the files Installed by the program Logcheck on your sytem, for your future referance.

/etc/logcheck /usr/bin/logcheck.sh
/etc/logcheck/tmp /usr/bin/logtail
/etc/logcheck/logcheck.hacking /var/log/messages.offset
/etc/logcheck/logcheck.violations /var/log/secure.offset
/etc/logcheck/logcheck.violations.ignore /var/log/maillog.offset