Chapter 14. Software -Security/Monitoring

Table of Contents

1. sXid
2. Configure and Optimize sXid
2.1. Configure the /etc/sxid.conf file
3. Logcheck
4. Configure and Optimize Logcheck
5. PortSentry
6. Configure and Optimise Portsentry
7. Test fire your PortSentry

At this part of our book, all software-listed on chapter 14 through chapter 32 are optional and depends on what you want to install or do on your server. e.g., What kind of tasks will your server do, and for which part of your network Intranet/Internet? In other parts it may be important for you to replace the Telnet program with SSH for secure remote administration. Another interesting program is Tripwire that aids system administrators and users in monitoring a designated set of files for any changes.