4. Obtaining the book and example configuration files

Securing and Optimizing Linux: RedHat Edition is now also available to download around the most popular Linux web sites. Free formatted versions of this book can be found on the Internet via the following addresses listed below. From the original web site

Open Network Architecturewww.openna.com
The Linux Documentation Project homepage: www.linuxdoc.org
O'Reilly Network: oreilly.linu.com/pub/d/25
Linux Security portal linuxsecurity.com/docs

On the other hand you like the nice feel of paper and would like to browse through the pages at your convenience, you will have to purchase it.

By clicking here!

You can Buy here!

It also comes with an accompanying CD filled with some nice goodies and all the example configuration files.

Other related web sites may exist without my knowledge. If you host this book Securing and Optimizing Linux: RedHat Edition and want to be included in the list of the next release, please send me a message with your intentions. If you receive this as part of a printed distribution or on a CD-ROM, please check out the Linux Documentation home page www.linuxdoc.org/ or the original website at www.openna.com to see if there is a more recent version. This could potentially save you a lot of trouble. If you want to translate this book, please notify me so I can keep track of what languages I have been published in.

4.1. Example Configuration files

The example configuration files in this book are available electronically via http from this website www.openna.com/books/floppy.tgz. In either case, be it from CDROM or if you have downloaded from the website extract the files from the archive by typing:

                   [root@deep ]/tmp#tar xzpf floppy.tgz

this is assuming you have stored the floppy.tgz in a directory called tmp/ .



As i was giving the final look over on this book, Gerhard Mourani has released an errata for all firewall scripts and it is available here http://www.openna.com/books/errata.htm

If you cannot get the examples directly over the Internet, please contact the author at these email addresses: