Appendix A. Resources

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Open Network Architecture.  The official website of Securing and Optimizing Linux Redhat Edition


For the latest version of Open Publication License:
For the commercial printing license please contact: OpenDocs

Obtaining the book and example configuration files From the original web site

Open Network
The Linux Documentation Project homepage:
O'Reilly Network:
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Linux Security portal

For the latest version of this book keep checking here:

The example configuration files can obtained from here:

Creating the Boot Disk and Booting Redhat boot images are available here:

Update of the latest software The errata page for RedHat Linux distro:

Openna Errata.  The Firewall Scripts Errata page is here

Benchmark Results The benchmarking results can be retrieved from GCC homepage:

Pre-install For the latest Linux kernel check out the Kernel homepage here:

Secure Linux Kernel.  For the latest the place to check for the latest Secure Linux Kernel Patches Homepage:

Chapter 14, Software -Security/Monitoring The sXid packages can be found here:

Logcheck The Logcheck homepage is:

PortSentry The Portsentry Homepage is:

OpenSSh The OpenSSh package can be downloaded from:


Tera Term Pro and TTSSH,

Linux SSH2 Client/Server The SSH2 (commercial) homepage is:

Linux Tripwire 2.2.1

Linux Tripwire ASR 1.3.1

Alternatives to Tripwire: 


ViperDB Homepage:


FCHECK Homepage:


Sentinel Homepage:

Linux GnuPG These are the Package(s) you must be sure to download:

GnuPG Homepage:

Linux DNS and BIND Server The required packages of DNS/BIND can be got here:

ISC BIND Homepage:


Sendmail Homepage:
Sendmail FTP Sire:
You must be sure to download: sendmail.8.10.1.tar.gz

For details, regarding Realtime Blackhole List database see:

Linux IMAP & POP Server These are the Package(s) needed and should be available here:

IMAP/POP Homepage:
You must be sure to download: imap.tar.Z


RSA Data Security:Their web page is
Ascom in Austria:Their web page is


OpenSSL Homepage:


Kernel Homepage:
FreeS/WAN VPN Homepage Site:

Compile and Install

OpenLDAP Homepage:
OpenLDAP FTP Site:

Alternatives to tar and dump backups

AMANDA Homepage:
BRU Homepage:

Install PostgreSQL PostgreSQL packages are found here:

PostgreSQL Homepage:
PostgreSQL FTP Site:

Linux Squid Proxy Server These are Package(s) and are available here:

Squid Homepage:
Squid FTP Site:
GNU malloc Homepage:

Configure the /etc/squid/squid.conf file -in httpd-accelerator mode

Linux MM Shared Memory Library MM Homepage:

Linux Apache Web Server

Apache Homepage: Mod_Perl Homepage:
Apache FTP Site: Mod_Perl FTP Site:
Mod_SSL Homepage: Mod_PHP Homepage:
Mod_SSL FTP Site:  

Perl module Devel::Symdump

Devel-Symdump Homepage: Perl library Homepage:

Linux Webalizer These are the Package(s):

Webalizer Homepage:
Webalizer FTP Site:

Linux FAQ-O-Matic These are the Package(s) required:

FAQ-O-Matic Homepage:
The most recent version of the FAQ-O-Matic is always available at:

Linux Webmail IMP These are the Package(s):

Webmail IMP Homepage:
PHPLib Homepage:

phplib These are the package(s)

PHPLib Homepage:,

Linux Samba Server The Package(s) required are and available at:

Samba Homepage:
Samba FTP Site:

Linux FTP Server These are the Package(s):

Wu-ftpd Homepage:
Wu-ftpd FTP Site:

Appendix -RFC

Docbook and Additional resources

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