14. CGI.pm Perl library

The CGI.pm is a Perl5 library for writing World Wide Web CGI scripts. Older versions of this software exist by default on your system, but they are buggy. It's recommended that you update your copy to version 2.56, at least. To update this module, please follow these steps.

These are the package(s)

CGI.pm Homepage: http://stein.cshl.org/WWW/software/CGI/cgi_docs.html
You must be sure to download: CGI_pm_tar.gz
CGI.pm version number is 2.56

      [root@deep ]/# cp CGI_pm_tar.gz /var/tmp/
      [root@deep ]/# cd /var/tmp/
      [root@deep ]/tmp# tar xzpf CGI_pm_tar.gz

First of all, well check the version of CGI.pm installed in our system with the following command:

        [root@deep ]/# perl -e 'use CGI; print $CGI::VERSION."\n";'


Move into the new CGI.pm directory and type the following commands on your terminal to compile and install the updated libraries on your Linux server:

        [root@deep ]/CGI.pm-2.56# perl Makefile.PL
        [root@deep ]/CGI.pm-2.56# make 
        [root@deep ]/CGI.pm-2.56# make test 
        [root@deep ]/CGI.pm-2.56# make install 

Please do cleanup later:

        [root@deep ]/# cd /var/tmp
        [root@deep ]/tmp# rm -rf CGI.pm-version/ CGI_pm_tar.gz

14.1. Installed files