12. Set up PHPLib

To be able to run Webmail IMP on your Linux server; PHPLib, a toolkit development of Web applications for PHP developers software must be installed. To install PHPLib, follow the simple steps below:

These are the package(s)

PHPLib Homepage: http://phplib.netuse.de/index.php3, http://phplib.netuse.de/index.php3
You must be sure to download: phplib-7.2b.tar.gz

        [root@deep ] /# cp phplib-7.2b.tar.gz /home/httpd/
        [root@deep ] /# cd /home/httpd/
        [root@deep ] /httpd# tar xzpf phplib-7.2b.tar.gz

Move to your web server's DocumentRoot, and create a /home/httpd/php directory by executing the following commands:

        [root@deep ] /# cd /home/httpd/
        [root@deep ] /httpd# mkdir php

Copy the contents of the PHPLib distributions php directory into the php directory that you created in your DocumentRoot:

        [root@deep ] /# cd /home/httpd/phplib-7.2b/php/
        [root@deep ] /php# cp * /home/httpd/php/
        [root@deep ] /php# cd /home/httpd/
        [root@deep ] /httpd# rm -f phplib-7.2b.tar.gz
        [root@deep ] /httpd# rm -rf phplib-7.2b/


We remove the tar archive and phplib-version directory of PHPLib once we are finished copying its php directory into the new php directory we created in our DocumentRoot.