Chapter 32. Linux FTP Server

Table of Contents

1. chroot'd Guest FTP access
2. Setup an FTP user account minus shells
3. Setup a chroot user environment
4. Configurations
5. Configure the /etc/ftphosts file
5.1. Configure the /etc/ftpusers file
6. Configure the /etc/ftpconversions file
6.1. Configure the /etc/pam.d/ftp file
7. Configure the /etc/logrotate.d/ftpd file
7.1. Configure ftpd to use tcp-wrappers inetd
8. FTP Administrative Tools
9. Securing FTP
10. The special file .notar
11. Installed files

Despite its age, using the File Transfer Protocol, FTP is one of the most popular way to transfer files from machine to machine across a network. Clients and servers have been written for almost all popular platforms in the market, thereby making FTP the most convenient way to perform file transfers.